In this video a man approaches John MacArthur during a service at Grace Community Church claiming to be a prophet sent to confront John on his views on Cessationism.

What you will see is the man enter from your right side, whistle loudly and beginning yelling at Pastor McArthur.  Silently, two men get up from the audience, calmly approach the man, and herd him off the stage.  Only when he pushes back with his body and resist, do you see the men place him in an escort position and move him out the back door.

What I liked most about the security men’s approach is their demeanor and quick action.  They didn’t attempt to verbally engage him (although Pastor McArthur initially appeared to want to), they placed themselves between the potential threat and the pastor and then began using their bodies to move him.

Their approach was very effective and removed the disruption from the venue without any further problems or having to resort to force, which potentially opens security personnel to liability issues.

Often the tone we use to approach emotional people can either escalate the problem or reduce it.  These team members did an excellent job resolving the problem.

One last thing I want to point out is the team’s situational awareness. As they escorted the man out, they were looking for other potential problems, that is, other protestors they may have had to deal with or potential threats to the congregation’s safety.

You can clearly see the team member swiveling his head around and communicating with the ther team members.  A great job by all.

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