Little Rock, Arkansas – On June 11, KATV reported 3 women meeting in a support group went outside Westover Presbyterian Church during the evening hours to talk, when 3 unknown suspects approached them, produced a gun, and demanded her purse.

One of the victims stated one of the suspects ripped her purse from her arm.

The suspects, described as three teen-aged young men, quickly obtained their property and fled the area.

The reporter covering the story spoke to the pastor about the robbery. He stated, “Security of our place has never been something that occurred to me as being a problem. Of course we have locks on the doors, we have interior security cameras because we do have a pre-school here.”

Pastor LeBlanc said there is a lack of security cameras outside, making finding the three suspects even harder for LRPD.

During the interview, one of the victims stated, “My stuff is gone, but the bigger issue is I don’t feel safe anymore.”

More information and video at KATV website.

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