Denver, CO – Nineteen year old Shannon Conley was arrested this week at Denver International Airport after federal officials determined she was enroute to assist a terror group as they waged jihad.

According to reports, she had contact with Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada, CO where she sometimes attended services wearing a head scarf and carrying a backpack. Her behavior eventually led church personnel to approach her and question her behavior.  She was finally asked to not attend services there. Information was passed on to police which eventually led to an FBI investigation.

According to the Chronicle Online in an AP article filed July 4, 2014,

“In October she began showing up at Faith Bible Chapel, sometimes with a backpack, said Jason King, an associate pastor. That caught the attention of security personnel at the church, where a gunman killed two missionary workers in 2007.

“We did ask her what she was doing here, because our first heart is to help and serve anyone,” King said. “So as she was walking around, she was acting a little different, so we just wanted to have a conversation with her.”

Brugler, who serves Sunday coffee and breakfast to worshippers at the church’s small cafe, said Conley ordered biscuits and gravy one morning.

“She asked me if it contained meat,” Brugler recalled. “I said, ‘Yes.’ She cursed and threw it in the trash.”

Church officials eventually asked her to leave.

“There was obviously some resistance, a little bit of hostility,” he said.

Conley later told FBI agents she thought church members were following her, the agency said.

“If they they think I’m a terrorist, I’ll give them something to think I am,” she told the agents, according to a court document. She said she began keeping a notebook and acted as if she was diagramming the church “to alarm them,” according to the document.”

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