Sterling Heights, Michigan – A purse thief attacked and struggled with a volunteer in a church parking lot, November 18th, according to police.

Sterling Heights Police Lt. Dave Smith advised a catechism teacher was reportedly walking with a student around 6 p.m. in the parking lot of Frances de Chantal Catholic Church.

When the student walked away, the teacher was approached by a white male wearing a dark colored hoodie that hid his face.  According to Smith, the suspect was about 5’5″ tall.

A scuffle began when the suspect grabbed her purse.

During the encounter, police advised the victim used her keys in an attempt to strike the suspect in the face, but it is unknown whether the keys connected.

When the suspect ran away, the teacher went back into the church and called police. 

Additional church members searched the area and located the woman’s purse a short distance away.  Sixty dollars was missing.

Here’s An Idea

One way to expand your security ministry at church is to offer crime prevention and self defense classes for women and children at your church or for the community.

Even if you don’t know martial arts, there are many instructors who may do it for free in an attempt to gain more students for their classes.  Police departments often have crime prevention officers who do presentations all the time.

You and I know people at church are pretty nice folks who can’t imagine someone stealing from them or attacking them, but it happens all the time. By hosting a safety night, you may be increasing the number of eyes and ears paying attention to what is going on when church is in session, which in turn will help you do your job even better.

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