[Video Credit: WKRN]

The faster you can intervene when someone is shot or suffering stab wounds, the more likely it is they will survive the incident. The problem is most people have no idea what to do when they see someone bleeding. Not so for Minerva Gonzalez. Relying on her nursing skills saved a a pastor’s life in the Antioch church shooting incident.

She applied pressure to Pastor Joey Spann’s wounds after he was shot and comforted him until medic units arrived.

Pastor Spann was among several people who were injured, and one woman died, at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ.

Rosa-Gonzalez was recognized for her actions and spent Monday morning receiving several awards for her bravery and courageousness.

She says she never expected a nightmare like the one she lived through to unfold right in front of her eyes, but when it did, she acted.

The nurse ultimately saved his life.

Rosa-Gonzalez says she doesn’t look at herself as a hero but just wanted to the right thing—help someone in need.

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