We can file this one in weird news.  I found two stories reporting a bullet fired during a New Years Eve celebration landing in a church.  One bullet struck a child worker volunteer and another was found in the church the next day.  Yet, proof that what comes up, must come down…

From Jackson, Mississippi

“Bakersfield, CA – Church officials are grateful they opted not to hold services on New Year’s Eve after a bullet found its way into the sanctuary.

Pastor Jonathan Mullings, of the Truth Tabernacle, believes the slug to be one that was fired into the air at midnight to ring in the new year.

Mullings was with a family in the sanctuary on Friday, preparing for a funeral, when the small dime-sized hole was spotted in the ceiling above the pews. What appears to be a .45-caliber slug was sitting on the ground in a small pile of debris.

Mullings said the falling bullet would have had to travel through three layers of material in the roof and ceiling to make it into the room. He’s just grateful no one was sitting in the pews when it happened.

“That’s the thing, you know, one person’s celebration can turn into somebody else’s tragedy real quick,” he said.”

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