Phoenix, AZ – On May 29th, a 55 year old female parishioner was struck by shrapnel when a firearm was negligently discharged in a church kitchen.

The police investigation found while standing in the church kitchen, one male church member was showing his firearm to another church member.  When he attempted to clear the weapon, the weapon was fired and a round struck the tiled floor and shrapnel ricocheted into the victim.

The incident happened at the Fire & Water International Church located at 1937 E. Diamond St. Phoenix, AZ 85006.

Not to lecture here, but there have been several incidents like this that have happened through out the United States resulting in death and injury.

Your church security policy and procedure, if it allows weapons, should instruct anyone carrying a firearm on church property to only unholster the weapon during a self defense event.

Of course, any handling of weapons should be done off premises, preferably at the gun range.

A second consideration is to make sure you have adequate medic supplies on hand to handle any kind of medical emergency.  In this instance, lots of gauze to pack the wound if necessary and possibly a tourniquet to stop heavy bleeding from a limb if direct pressure does not work.

Thankfully the church member was able to receive medical attention for a minor wound to the leg.


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