When a mass murder takes place and our culture can’t figure out why it happened, in my opinion, it reveals a people and a culture that has lost its way.

Even when the Church exists, and points to the evil and sinfulness of man, Americans bristle and blame objects, illness, politics or try to reason out why such horror has happened.

What can we say about a mass shooting, where the perpetrator seeks out Christians and commits horrific murder on purpose?  It is a sinful act on full display.

When I see the homicide numbers coming out of the inner cities on a monthly basis, where senseless acts are being committed in the name of “respect” as if this were normal and expected, I fight against the feeling that our country is in a tailspin.

Turn on cable television and numerous shows catalog (praise?) death, crime, destruction of humankind, family members killing each other, criminal enterprise lauded, and mass murderers studied all in the name of entertainment.

Last, but not least, those who attempt to hold back the tide of darkness, police, clergy, military members are debased and villified on the news and in entertainment.

For me, it is no longer a feeling, but a deep belief based upon evidence that bears this out.  We as a people are in deep trouble.

The often repeated phrase continuously passing through my mind is this:

“In the last days, their love will grow cold.”

However, it isn’t only the fact that murder for any cause has become somewhat accepted as part of our daily conversation.  It is also the selfishness, the anger, the entitlement splashed in our headlines that causes concern for me.

As never before, a lonely, angry, disassociated person (often a young American man) may display his anger and hatred for all the world to see, even if for only a news cycle.  He can be powerful for a moment and rob people of their lives and destroy families at will.

It doesn’t matter his family will bear the shame of his act. We now live in a time where ugly thoughts, opinions, and insults can be spewed in a comment section of a blog anonymously. Anger on full display.  Heinous acts can now be instantly recorded and disemminated online in minutes.

The mass murderer has a shot at showing the world how angry he has become. His name and infamous acts will be uttered by the famous and he will get his 15 minutes of fame.

I have often heard people bemoan the fact that the church in America used to be sacrosanct, that even criminals understood you don’t mess with a church because there was a sacredness to it.  Heck, maybe even criminals had some level of a belief in God, and thought leaving the church alone was a good idea.

What we know now is this is no longer true.  We know this because on a weekly basis, something bad happens in churches across the United States, and we catalog it here on this blog.

When Christians ask me, “Church security? Really?” I find it surprising.  In a country that has lost its way and in a media that refuses to use the word “sin” to identify acts against innocent people, the Church seems to be the only group of people who know why these acts are committed.  We understand there is sin in the world, and that Jesus said it is going to get much worse as we approach the last days.

I’m not one to predict Jesus’ coming, or to declare we are living in the last days, but I do pay attention to our times and I look for things I can match up to Scripture that are clues to the last days.  If turning on the news, reading the headlines, and observing what is happening in the world doesn’t convince you of a world on fire, I don’t know what to tell you.

As for me and the hundreds of members of this association though, we are unwilling to sit idle and to allow an evil person bent on destruction to enter a peaceful gathering of good and innocent people, so that he can have his moment of infamy.

I don’t compare the act of mass murder to martyrdom. In my view, it is more evil to allow innocent people to die senselessly when God has given me the ability to stop an evildoer, and squelch his desire to have the highest body count yet.

If my family and friends are in a sacred place, and a violent person desires to harm them, he will have to harm me first.  His problem will be that I live in reality and know that sin exists and I expect him to come.

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