When I graduated, obnoxious parents had to be warned not to clap until the roll was called. Today, it is a different story. Maybe people are watching Jerry Springer for cues on how to behave during a graduation ceremony – in a church.

Arlington High School rented the church auditorium at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis,Tennessee. They hired six deputies and the church provided security too.

Yes, sadly enough, as students marched down the church aisles toward the stage during Pomp and Circumstance, a broo-ha-ha broke out among the crowd as they fought over a seat. Someone was pushed, someone’s honor was offended, and the next thing you know a fight breaks out in the middle of the church.

Security intervened, took the two primary combatants out of the sanctuary, and secured the most volatile offender in handcuffs while she continued to wiggle on the floor.

I will be posting a training video on this in the Training Members section in a couple of days.

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