I ran across an interesting article on a blog called The Two Cities where the author makes an interesting argument.  He states a Christian has biblical clearance to use deadly force to defend himself against being killed while in public or at home during a criminal act.

However, the author reasons it is unbiblical to use force to stop an attack upon a church unless one differentiates whether the attacker is there to persecute Christ followers or whether he is there for other reasons.

Since church security teams are sometimes armed, the author argues there is a risk team members may mistakenly use deadly force upon someone who is there to martyr the church members, so it is a better idea to leave weapons at home to avoid the temptation to shoot before knowing why the killer was present.

Further, he states his ability to use deadly force upon someone in his home is dependent upon why the killer has come to the home.  Is the killer there to kill him for his Christian beliefs or to burglarize his home?

Click through the link above and read it for yourself.  Then come back here and share your thoughts with the members.  I think since you have joined this site, you might not agree with the author, but I could be wrong.  Since safety and security looks different at every church, I would really like to know your thoughts both pro and con.

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