This weekend I went to a church in northern Ohio for my Church Security Basics Seminar, a six hour seminar focused on helping churches enhance their weaknesses.  While having a 20 man team, they realized they needed to work on specific skills.  What I offer is a full immersion experience focusing on what I believe are the most important skills every team needs to know including the Why, What, Where, When, Why and most importantly How.

The How is really where most churches are not focusing upon, but really should be due to the amount of liability faced by both the church and those who volunteer.  The How involves specific skills like how to respond to angry people, use of force liability reduction, self defense considerations, how to teach lock down procedures to church staff and Sunday school teachers, and armed response tactics with scenarios.  Enjoy the video.  It is about 56 minutes long.  Want to bring me to your church or event?  Click on the logo below to learn more.  I will be in Pensacola, Kansas City, and Charlotte NC in the next three months.


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