Early this week I shared a developing story of an incident at an Amarillo, TX ministry where a man walked in holding a firearm.  The dispatch center was receiving reports that it was a hostage situation.  Upon entry, officers observed a man holding a gun and shot him.  The man was a ministry volunteer who had disarmed the suspect, but continued to hold onto the gun.  Believe it or not, this is a training issue.  Given the lack of physical training most teams do, and the fact this isn’t a church security team, the poor man who had just done a good thing didn’t realize the danger he was putting himself in.

Get Rid Of The Gun!

Imagine the pressure, heart rate, tunnel vision, and auditory exclusion this officer was under upon entering the premises.  The first threat he encountered was a ministry worker holding a gun.  Hesitation kills and in a situation like that the police don’t wait or give warnings.  As the church security team and a student at the mission tackled the suspect and took him down, the student still held the gun and was shot.

He is recovering from his wounds.  A couple of things I don’t mention in the video:

  1.  Don’t take a suspect’s gun and shove it down the front of your pants as an ad hoc holster.  A Saturday night special with a hair trigger could ruin your romantic future.
  2. If you have your gun drawn, holster it once the suspect is in custody.
  3. Do you carry handcuffs or flexi-cuffs to restrain someone?  If so, do you know how to safely apply the handcuffs and do you have authority to do so?

In this short video, I talk through a couple of options to avoid getting shot by the police if you happen to disarm someone.

I am now traveling and doing live training in a course I developed called Church Security Basics.

I am also providing advanced training on tactics and single officer response.  If interested, click on the link above or check out ChurchSecurityTrainer.com

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Complete Article Explaining What Happened

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