“MIDLOTHIAN, TX — Misinformation recently circulated on social media about Midlothian Police having a potential suspect in the murder of Terry “Missy” Bevers. Those rumors are unfounded, police are still seeking help with information that could lead to an arrest and conviction for the April 2016 murder.

Midlothian Assistant Police Chief Kevin Johnson said a name that has been circulating online, Lyle Valentich, was considered a person of interest at one point. However, the tip, which was closed out “months ago,” did not materialize and Valentich was never considered a suspect.

“In general, I can say with the dozens of specific person’s of interest that were called in that we ran them through a variety of filters, which included their potential connection to the victim or the church,” Johnson said. “Obviously, their alibi at the time of the offense, their height, weight, background and then with most of them there were face to face interviews. So none of that really lead to him become more than just a person we had a tip on.”

Johnson said the tip was provided to police in May or June.

Missy Bevers was found dead April 18 in the Creekside Church of Christ where she was preparing to lead a 5 a.m. exercise class.

Investigators canvassed the nearby businesses and neighborhoods for people who may have seen something or captured security video. None of those leads have panned out, Johnson said.

Police conducted a forensic reconstruction of the security tape provided by the church that the suspect is between 5-foot-2 and 5-foot-7 and does appear to have a lighter skin color.

Johnson previously said that police continue to look for the driver of a light-colored sedan seen pulling into the SWFA Outdoors parking lot April 18 near the church at about 2 a.m. Rain obscured details of the car.”

Source: Daily Light

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