Love covers a multitude of sins, and hate results in two men chasing and shooting at each other in your church parking lot.

At the Meally Church of Christ in Meally, Kentucky, Jon Mayhan and Tatarkoda Baxter were arrested after a caller stated two men were shooting at each other in the church parking lot. Here is the story according to local media.

According to Mountain News WYMT

Police arrested two men Wednesday night after they were seen shooting at each other with handguns in a church parking lot.

Deputies responded to a call saying a car had wrecked in a ditch at the Meally Church of Christ. The caller said they heard gunshots and saw two men chasing each other as well.

When officials arrived, Jonathan Mayhan and Tatarkoda Baxter were running around their cars holding handguns.

Deputies say Mayhan and Baxter told them the two had been chasing each other all day making threats.

Baxter said Mayhan pulled into the church parking lot and shot at Baxter’s car, sending it into a ditch. Mayhan said that was true, except Baxter tried to run Mayhan over first.

Baxter and Mayhan were arrested and charged with wanton endangerment.

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