A Norfolk, Nebraska man was arrested Sunday after causing a disturbance and refusing to leave.

Claiming he had a Constitutional right to be present and protest the teachings of the Victory Road Assembly of God Church, he continued to attempt to place flyers on cars in the church parking lot.

A witness reported when he tried to remove the fliers challenging the teachings of the church, the man pushed him and became loud and aggressive toward him.

The church called the police who arrived and identified the 69 year old man identified as Roy Whipking   The police asked the man to voluntarily leave, but he refused.

After attempting to reason with him a little longer, they placed him under arrest.

When they tried to do this, the man struggled with the officers as they took him into custody. One report stated he had told officers he would fight them and when he was being taken into custody, he began swinging his arms and hitting the officers.

He was booked into the Norfolk City Jail on suspicion of trespassing, assault, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace, police said.

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