I have posted several incidents of strange happenings in church parking lots: drug dealing, gun violence, man with a gun, suicidal subjects, and robbery to name a few.

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Glen travels to train church security teams. More info at ChurchSecurityTrainer.com

In the video below, I include a news video about an incident this past weekend (September 22, 2018) where an incident occurred during a church off-time (4PM) to be exact. If you are a security volunteer, what should you do? How should you train your pastor and Sunday school teachers to handle a threat?

Show this short video to your team and discuss how you think your team should respond to this situation.  Nothing is ever hard and fast, but rather, there is a good way, a better way and a best way to handle things.

If you are a team leader, keep an open mind to team member ideas and don’t close your mind to other ideas.  For example, in the video I talk about calling the police and letting them handle it.  If your team members have medical skills and can determine the scene is safe, they may want to risk going out to treat the shot person with a tourniquet, chest seal or to begin packing the wound.  If this is done, how will you coordinate it?  Two man firing team to set up a hasty perimeter while the patient is treated? It is your call!  Just agree in advance as a team how you will handle it.


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