Antioch, CA – Thieves were captured on church security cameras removing an emergency supply trailer from a church parking lot. The thieves were observed breaking windows, hooking up the trailer to their vehicle and driving away.

The church pastor stated, “Somewhere you have to find forgiveness and feel sorry for them because only those with mental problems would try to attack a church, much less a disaster trailer set to help people in need.”

I would like to think the people were mentally ill, and I would expect a peace loving person to say this, but the truth is there are evil people out there who believe nothing is sacred, and if they can get something for nothing, they will do it in a heartbeat.

Surprisingly, this is the biggest reasons churches don’t take the necessary steps for church security. Although they preach total depravity of man, they don’t always take it to the logical end. Mankind is inherently evil, and the days are evil. Why as a community of faith are we surprised by this?

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