We are not going to discuss how much the Glock or the Smith you have on your hip weighs. What we are going to review is the weight or responsibility you take on when you become an armed safety or security team member. The “weight” is much heavier than belting on a weapon and declaring that you are security. You are carrying a tool that can cause severe injury or death; can you live with the results of a deadly encounter?

When you take the burden of protecting the church family on your shoulders you have decided to place yourself between hostile aggressor(s) and your protectees. To do this you need to have the correct mindset and the correct training. Without these, you may not be able to complete your mission.

Questions you need to face before you become an armed security officer for the church.

  • Can you shoot an armed aggressor?
  • When the world is falling down on you, can you remain calm?
  • Can you place yourself between a dangerous person and their victims?
  • Do you have the correct mindset?
  • Do you know the requirements for the use of deadly force in your state?
  • Do you know how to properly carry your weapon is a concealed manor?
  • Have you trained to respond to an armed incident?
  • Do you know how to protect your weapon?
  • Have you trained to disarm an aggressor?
  • Have you trained in joint locks and strikes?
  • Do you have the verbal skills to de-escalate a tense situation?
  • Do you secretly want to be a hero and save the day?


In Conclusion

When you become an armed security officer for your church, you have joined the warrior community. I am proud to be a member of this community in service to my church, but please understand that not everyone is willing or suitable to be entrusted with this responsibility. Years ago when I first entered the Police Academy they were a number of issues that we needed to face. My firearms instructor was a former Marine who had a salty way about him.  His first question to us as a group was “Put your hand in the air if you can kill the person trying to kill or seriously injure you, your partner or an innocent person?” Nobody had ever accused Captain Roman of being politically correct. To those who wavered on providing a positive response, he suggested, in a non PC mode, that they might wish to consider a different career.

Can you live with the following mindset?

  • Can you kill the person trying to kill or seriously injure you, your partner or an innocent person?
  • Will you stand in the gap when the unthinkable happens and people are being injured or dying?
  • Can you move to the gunfire to stop the killing?
  • Do you understand you might be wounded or killed in an attempt to intervene?
  • Do you understand you might only have fraction of a second to make the decision?
  • Are you willing to meet the training commitment?


Please understand that I am not trying to discourage you from becoming an armed church security member, but I believe that you must understand the commitment you are making and the “Weight of your Sidearm” It is a weighty burden and I believe that you need to go to the Lord in prayer to see if this is a task he has laid on your shoulders.

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