Time magazine reported the Sutherland Springs killer was captured on video going from person to person, slowly and methodically, killing each one as they made noise.

Does it make your blood boil?  It does mine.  All those wonderful, peaceful, loving people killed in their place of worship.

My job, as I see it, is to convince people they must save themselves in a traumatic violent event.  The police won’t be there. All training research points to the fact that a human being who has been shown what to do, has been given time to practice it, and then is given an opportunity to use it in a scenario with corrective suggestions is far more likely to respond more quickly in a stressful environment.

It’s why industries like airline pilots, police, fire and many others spend so much time training their employees to get out of life threatening situations.

In a recent training event in Dayton, Ohio, we taught 25 people how to take down an active shooter both unarmed and armed.  Did you know the vast majority of these events are remedied by an unarmed person who assaults the killer?

The Time Magazine report stated everyone was hiding or on the ground.

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