Prince George’s County police have arrested two suspects in the armed robbery of thousands of dollars from a Lanham church Monday morning.

The gunmen burst into the Mount Calvary Baptist Church’s business office about 10 a.m., demanding cash.

Police arrested 20-year-old Alozie Chinagozim Onuoha and 16-year-old Ugo Onuoha, both of the 6500 block of Manton Way in Lanham, about 2:30 p.m. Monday with the help of eyewitnesses, police said. Investigators could not say what the suspects’ relationship was to one another.

Church members said they believe divine justice will prevail, just as God kept dozens of children at the church protected during the incident.

“And so God, we say thank you for your faithfulness,” sang the church’s youth ministry. The robbery happened while dozens of children ages five to twelve were at the church for summer camp.

Donnese Tyler said he five-year-old and the other children were out on the playground when it happened.

“You never think this is gonna happen at a church,” he said.

Tyler and several other parents are suspicious of the timing. Mondays are when camp tuition is due. “Monday they know is when the money comes,” parent Erica McPherson said.

“Apparently it’s someone who knew the system, knew the time and day to come, cause it was payroll and everything.”

Pastor Charles Cato believes it was the work of the devil in the house of the Lord, a place he laments is not exempt from crime. Still, he promises to pray for whoever is behind this.

“It’s a sad mind to do something of this magnitude.” Meanwhile, his ministry is remaining focused on the day’s victory that while the money is gone, their faith remains strong.

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