A few days ago I posted a news story regarding a Greensboro, NC church/school where it was reported a man had asked to use the bathroom and then proceeded to commit a theft offense when he stole wallets belonging to school employees. Parents were concerned the suspect gained access to the school so easily in light of recent school violence incidents.

I was contacted by the school regarding the incident and was advised the news story was not accurate. I asked the sender to give me the facts so I could report it accurately.

He graciously responded by sending me this short email:

Receptionist observed the suspect leave the church lobby. Suspect then came back on another part of our campus and found a door left open by a teacher, which is a violation of school safety policy. Suspect recorded on our camera system. Suspect also recorded where he used the stolen credit cards. Warrants were being obtained by GPD detective so they asked News 2 to give them time to make the arrest before running the story. They refused. Suspect had many felony charges pending. Receptionist did not allow to have access to church at initial contact. She observed suspect exit lobby after he controlled area restroom.

The breach was due to teacher propping open self locking door on east side of campus. Investigation is now complete and children’s pastor is handling the safety breach administratively. Our cameras and systems functioned properly.

Our goal is to give our readers accurate and precise information that will assist them in enhancing their security efforts at their place of worship, so we are happy to report any corrections and appreciate the church taking the time to set the record straight.

As mentioned in the previous report of this incident, our security efforts are best when all stake holders follow the security policy and procedures put in place, and a reminder that one mistake can ruin the best efforts and planning.

We are thankful a suspect has been named and the police are pursuing his arrest.

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