I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with two experts in church embezzlement, theft, and fraud.  Mark Stusek and John Barnes are principal owners of church security firm G2G Solutions, LLC, which they consider both a business and a ministry.

When starting out in the church security field, they quickly found many pastors, churches and church related organizations showed an interest in the area of embezzlement, and have conducted forensic investigations and consulted with churches in how to prevent this problem.

G2G also offers seminars for pastors, church conferences, and church personnel.

In this interview, I had the opportunity to learn a great deal about church embezzlement, and I am excited to share the complete interview with readers of this blog.  Simply click on the play button.  The MP3 can also be downloaded and shared with leaders in your church.

Mark and John may be reached by calling 937-293-3212.

Here is a brief introduction to our experts today:

Mark Stusek, is President and Co-Founder of G2G Solutions, LLC.  Mark retired from the position of Superintendent over Special Investigations in January of 2003 after serving on the Dayton Police Department for over 25 years. After retiring from the police department, Mark took a position as the Executive Director at Christian Life Center in Dayton, Ohio. Mark’s work on the Police Department and at Christian Life Center has given him a unique combination of police/ministry experience.

John Barnes is Vice-President and Co-Founder of G2G Solutions, LLC. John retired from the position of lieutenant in November 2008 after serving on the Dayton, Ohio Police Department for 30 years.

John currently provides a non-denominational church service to patients at the Dayton Rehabilitation Center. He is currently a member of Parkview Church of the Nazarene and a member of the advisory board for Kingdom Connections of Greater Dayton. John has also served as an advisory board member with other churches and organizations.

John’s desire is to use his diverse experiences and training to preserve human life and safeguard property by providing churches, schools,and businesses with professional and expert security solutions.

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