Click On The Volume Tab On The Video.

I posted this video on Facebook Live. I’m just heartbroken. Small churches can do small things that make a big difference. What we now know about Sutherland, TX First Baptist Church massacre, and it can’t be called anything else, is this was motivated by domestic violence, mental illness, many missed red flags, and a faulty federal/state mechanism to report crime.

While the big-wigs spout off about everything non-important, this truth remains: An armed individual drove off a murderer, but even he was too late. A Time magazine article explained how the video displayed his ruthlessness as he went about the killing spree, killing crying children and anyone who made a sound.

Everyone wonders what could have been done, and the truth is admitting it can happen, a few eyes paying attention, and a gun at the ready in the parking lot, the foyer, and the auditorium.

These cowards. These active killers. They flee at the first sign of resistance, especially with bullets flying at them.

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