By Glen Evans

Church Security Alliance

This is an article that Glen had written in the past when training ladies in basic self-defense techniques. Consider printing this out and giving it to any ladies in your family, friends and the person in charge of the ladies ministry in your church with the thought that holding a series of classes would be beneficial for their future safety.

Understanding Her Power and the Right Self Defense Techniques and Products To Protect Herself

Understanding Her Power and the Right Self Defense Techniques and Products To Protect Herself

Self-defense for women has as many meanings as there are self-defense products and self defense techniques available.

When discussing self-defense for women, it often means personal protection against rape and abduction. A second consideration is against robbery or mugging.

Most women have an inherent fear or a gnawing feeling that they just aren’t sure they could protect themselves if faced with a challenge to their personal safety.

They instinctively know that they do not possess the physical strength, muscle development, and aggression that men possess. When your little girl becomes a young woman, many parents worry about their daughters knowing self defense with the whole mess of teen dating.

The biggest reason for the fear is a lack of knowledge.

* How is a woman supposed to protect herself against a man if he is trying to sexually assault her, abduct her, or force himself on her against her will?
* What self defense for women options exist?

Fear is produced when this question is unanswered…the good news is there are many self defense for women to increase personal safety and chance of survival if her path should cross a sexual predator. The key to self-defense for women is understanding the threat you may face, and the many defense options available to you

The first three steps to increasing your personal safety lie with you.

Self Defense for Women Begins With You

It is so important you realize you have the power within to defeat anyone seeking to harm you. You have many personal self-defense tools attached to your body.

In addition to knowing how to defend yourself, there are many self-defenses for women products available to you. Self-defense for women technology has made it possible that you can get a package in the mail, open it up, and you are ready to defend yourself. Many tools and weapons have become effective and very easy to use.

Yet, I don’t think all your personal safety issues can be solved with products, as good as they are. I believe women have unrealized potential. Often times women have convinced themselves that they don’t possess the strength they need to defeat someone. The key to self-defense for women isn’t in physical strength, but in the way you carry yourself, how you view the world and how the world views you.

Self defense for women is a combination of understanding how bad people behave, how to see a problem before it happens, and what to do if it does happen. I want to convince you that women have the power for self-defense, and do have the physical power when it is combined with self-defense techniques applied to appropriate targets. If you believe you neither possess physical power, nor you have physical strength to defeat a threat, then there are many self-defenses for women weapons available to you to help you get out of a jam.

However, you will never possess the power or physical strength unless you learn how to achieve this through taking a self-defense class, and preparing your mind and body with self-defense training.

When a woman’s self-defense skills are combined with an appropriate weapon she can easily become a predator’s worst nightmare.

Self Defense for Women Begins Awareness

You must understand there is something called self-defense awareness. This is such an important concept, and I don’t want you to miss this point…awareness begins when we agree that bad people exist, and we may be attacked by them at some point in our lives. If we walk around thinking bad things only happen to other people, than we are in a world of hurt when we are staring into the face of evil and wondering what in the world we are going to do about it.

If we ignore the bad people and they are now knocking on our door, it is then too late to come up with a plan of action…the time for planning is right now.

Self Defense for Women Avoidance Skills

When you apply the self-defense awareness skills it only helps you with your self-defense avoidance skills. Self-defense avoidance skills are those things we do to completely avoid a potential problem.

Whether we are walking around paying attention to our surroundings, increasing home security by making sure our doors are locked, checking out the window before answering the door, or seeing a problem and turning the other direction, we can ensure that we never find ourselves in a dangerous situation.

This may seem like it makes perfect sense, but when teaching self defense for women, many say they only pay really close attention at night or while walking in a dark parking lot.


Criminals and predators are looking for an opportunity to attack you. If they set the trap, and you walk into it unawares, then you are making their job extremely easy. Our job is to make it very difficult, even dangerous for a criminal to choose us as a potential victim. Criminals want cooperative victims who know absolutely nothing, so they can get what they want and easily escape into the night.

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