Self-defense awareness simply means you agree something bad can happen to you, bad people do exist, and now you must do something to prepare yourself for it. It is in the knowing where you can begin the process of preparing yourself for the eventual meeting you or your children may have with someone who wants to hurt you.

Sure it’s not really fun to think about it, but reality is seldom fun…

There are simple things you can do to increase your personal safety, and reduce the risk to your personal safety or personal security.

Jeff Cooper was a self-defense icon. He was someone thinking about how the human body reacts under stress and the need for realistic self-defense training long before many others. He created something called Cooper’s Color Codes, and it is a great way to begin thinking about how to increase your self-defense awareness.

The first color code for self-defense awareness is…

Think about sheep when you think about color code white. Sheep don’t know how to fight, they don’t ever appear to get angry with anyone, and they often depend upon others to get them out of a jam (shepherd, farmer, sheepdog, fences).
They know they can’t hurt anyone, so they don’t even appear to try anything remotely resembling self-protection skills.
They walk around with their head in the clouds thinking life is just grand, and unfortunately for them they miss the wolves lying in wait behind the tall grass. They don’t have a clue
Color code white represents a total lack and disregard for what is going on around you…who is looking at you, and who is standing close-by waiting to pounce.

The smart man or woman doesn’t live in code white…instead they know bad people are out there and they know they have the skills to deal with them, so they live in…

Condition yellow is where warriors live. It represents men, women and children who understand bad people exist and they have taken responsibility for their own personal safety.

They don’t rely on anyone else, they have prepared themselves with realistic self-defense techniques, and they have trained with various weapons should they encounter someone who wants to hurt them.
They don’t look to get into trouble, they simply are aware of their surroundings so they are not taken by surprise.
Their head moves on a swivel, they appear confident, they make eye contact with everyone near them, and they walk with their shoulders back as to appear ready for action.

Condition yellow helps people see a problem before it becomes a problem, and they listen to their intuition to escape a situation before things get ugly. They know wolves wait on the perimeter looking for weakness, and they don’t express any hint of weakness. When they look around and see something, they then enter into…

Condition Orange

Condition orange is when you are in condition yellow and see a potential problem and completely avoid it. The key to self-defense is not necessarily in who knows the best techniques or who has the biggest weapons; it is all about avoiding a problem in the first place.

A kid walking home from school sees a threatening problem; he goes a different way home.
A woman walks out of a store and sees a man standing near her car; she waits on the sidewalk until he leaves the area.
A man sees another man looking at him in a threatening manner, and he goes somewhere else.
Self-defense awareness is not about getting into a fight, but completely the opposite. Fight back when you are attacked, but the easiest way to win a fight is to never get into the fight in the first place.

Speaking of fighting…

Condition Red

Self-defense awareness condition red is when you have been attacked and now you must understand the threat you face and respond appropriately in a matter of seconds.

The easiest way to condition red is to stay in condition white. The problem with being in condition white is that now you are three steps behind, and your brain must engage very quickly with a trained response.
Do you use your self-defense fighting skills, do you whip out some pepper spray, or is your life in jeopardy and you resort to deadly force?

Condition red is when you find yourself in the middle of a large threat to your personal safety at the hands of another human being, and you must win to escape to a safer place. It isn’t the best place to be for self-defense awareness…but the next color code is worse…

Condition Black

Condition black is when you have not prepared yourself for a violent encounter mentally or through self-defense training and now your mind is overwhelmed with stress and both your mind and body shut down to any realistic defensive response.

In essence, you become the victim through lack of planning or self defense awareness or planning on your part.
This is NOT where you want to be…so you can return to the homepage and read other articles about how to better prepare you and your family for the time when you meet the wolf.

Increase personal security and personal safety by living in Cooper color code yellow to make sure you see any threat to your safety before you find yourself in the middle of a mess and risk injury or death.

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