Good help is hard to find these days, and one security company found that out the hard way when they were alerted to a massive theft from a Chicago area church in the amount of $100,000.  Church officials at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral, which is under 24 hour video surveillance, noticed a lot of foot traffic in a secured office area where the money is kept.

The church notified Chicago PD on the trespassing problem.  At the same time, offering projections for the church weekly giving was falling short.  Staff at the church first noticed a problem when they saw video footage of people coming and going from the offices without permission starting in March and continuing into April. Authorities were alerted. What started as a trespassing investigation evolved became an investigation of missing money.

Monterrey Security officials were notified one of their guards was accessing the office without authorization.  When they investigated the incident, they found the guard had allowed a former security guard to gain access to the room.

In a company statement, they said, “When it was brought to our attention by our client that a security guard allowed an unauthorized person into an unauthorized area of the building, we terminated him immediately. We have zero tolerance for the breaching of any protocols and will take immediate steps to remedy them.”

The security firm handles security for both Navy Pier and Soldiers Field.  According to the Chicago Tribune, they security firm has been profiled for questionable security hiring practices.

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