Simpsonville, KY – According to Kentucky State Police, Shelby County Deputies shot and killed an alleged burglar inside the Simpsonville Baptist Church this week.

After experiencing a rash of burglaries, the church placed security personnel inside the church to prevent further loss or damage.  Upon hearing someone making entry at 4 AM, security contacted the local police department and did not confront the suspect.

Upon arrival, the police were able to contain the suspect inside the church.  When they made entry, the located the suspect, identified as 22 year old Dylan Dalzell, who was holding a crow bar.

Police ordered him to drop the crow bar, but he advanced on the officers and was shot and killed.

According to News 18:

“Kentucky State Police are investigating after a deadly officer-involved shooting in Shelby County during a burglary.

According to WAVE 3 News, deputies responded to reports of a church break-in at Simpsonville Baptist Church. When police arrived they found someone inside the church with a crowbar. The suspect, now identified as 22-year-old Dylan Dalzell, was repeatedly asked by officers to drop the crowbar and police say when Dalzell didn’t comply with officers’ requests, he was shot and killed by a Shelby County Deputy.

The church was broken into overnight Wednesday as well. The church had posted security personnel at the church.

“They were just trying to take care of their property to make sure they didn’t have any other problems. I think they did the right thing by calling 911 and not confronting the individual themselves,” says State Trooper Bernie Napier.

The security on site called police to notify them of the burglary.

Courtney Eggen, Steven Mathus and Chastity Heitzman have all been charged in a string of church burglaries.”


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