Perhaps this incident might start your day off with a smile. Yes, it appears to be true!

This is a technique I haven’t taught before, but as I always say, tactics are simply things that work: I’m calling it the Reverse Wedgy Takedown – or some form of it. Grab falling pants and take the bad guy down.

With all the horrible sad things I have had to report in these pages, I am happy to say this particular church robbery was stopped by a church maintenance worker who saw the robber about to lose his pants.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

“A 31-year-old man was arrested on robbery charges after deputies say he stole money from the gift shop of an Orange County Roman Catholic Church on Wednesday afternoon.

Anthony Garcia walked into the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe on Vineland Road near Orlando around 1 p.m. and demanded money from a volunteer cashier, deputies said.

When the woman didn’t hand over the money fast enough, officials said, Garcia grabbed the cash drawer from the register and ran off — but he didn’t get far.

He was using both hands to hold on to the stolen money so when his pants started to slip from his waist, deputies said, Garcia didn’t have a free hand to grab them. The church director of maintenance seized the opportunity to stop Garcia. He grabbed the suspect’s falling pants and forced the man to the ground, deputies said.


The maintenance worker held him there until investigators arrived to arrest him. Garcia remained in the Orange County Jail on $1,000 bail late Wednesday”.

Lesson: Takedowns can come in any form and with any tool available. Have a great day.

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