If you pay attention to the news, internationally, Christians have been slaughtered, shot, sliced by machetes, bombed and burned by fanatical elements (and sometimes governments) of the religion.  This is nothing new.  What is new, in the past few years is large, radical mobs driven by radical politics have attacked churches with vandalism and arson, as well as verbal assaults against Christians as the focal point of their ire.

According to Life Site News, this March in Argentina, Uruguay and Spain radical feminists and associated groups pelted churches with paint bombs gasoline bombs and spray painted graffiti on the outside of church entrances.

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Specifically, in Uruguay radical feminists attacked the historic parish church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Montevideo. Riot police protected the church’s entrance as hundreds of feminists hurled paint bombs and shouted epithets against Christians.  This was the third such attack in three years.

In Argentina, on this day, radical feminists protested in Buenos Aires. Protesters representing transvestites, transexuals, prostitutes, obesity, and other causes were on hand. Some threw rocks and gasoline bombs, trying to set fires in front of the cathedral in Buenos Aires in what was promoted as the International and Multinational Strike for Women, Lesbians, Travestites, and Transexuals.  In Lujan, Argentina a city visitors found an image of the Virgin Mary in a city park that featured the green kerchief, a pro-abortion symbol in that country.  The government didn’t think it was offensive enough to be taken down.

According to Life Site News

“In Spain, pro-abortion and anti-Christian graffiti appeared on the exterior walls of churches in Madrid. According to official estimates, approximately 375,000 protesters filled the streets on Friday in the Spanish capital. The Archdiocese of Madrid denounced the obscene and anti-Christian graffiti that appeared on churches. Radical feminists pushed their way into the offices of the Archdiocese of Valladolid, strewing pamphlets and interrupting a conference on Spanish history. In Logroño, a historic city in La Rioja province, police removed a banner from the entrance to a cathedral that read: “You will drink the blood of our abortions.”

What do you think?  Is this something that is coming to America?  If it were happening now, given the media’s sympathy to radical politics, would we know about it?  Arguably, radical elements have been more active in the U.S. protesting against those they see as their enemy, and participants of these movements possess the ability to learn, adapt, and strategize with each other via social media.

Given the push towards socialism, resistance, and certain states becoming the champions of radical ideology, it doesn’t seem too outlandish to predict radical political protests coming to a church near you in the coming years.  What will be your plan to respond?

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