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How to Decrease Your Church Security Team’s Liability, Increase Competency, and Avoid Potential Criminal or Civil Penalties. The Use of Force Liability Reduction Team Training DVD.

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How to Decrease Your Church Security Team’s Liability, Increase Competency, and Avoid Potential Criminal or Civil Penalties. The Use of Force Liability Reduction Team Training DVD.

The risk of using force in a church security operation is a great source of potential liability for any church. Recent events involving church related shootings, robberies, burglaries, and attacks have churches scrambling to place competent security in place using volunteers. There is a small chance law enforcement officers will be immediately available if your church is in sudden crisis and someone is attempting to harm people in your church building or on your church campus.

If your church security team member uses force what kind of liability can he or she face? What can a church do to decrease its’ liability?

Most Church Violence Incidents Solved By Church Members.

Nearly all recent church security related incidents have been solved by church members who were part of a church security team or spontaneous heroes who saw their church family being hurt or killed and decided to take action.

While the incident was occurring, these people decided to act, and disregarded their personal safety, and the safety of their future, and injected themselves into the crisis as it unfolded. What liability could each of these people face if a prosecutor or police officer deemed their actions as unreasonable?

What is at stake for someone who has taken on the challenge of protecting their church family from violence?

How can your team protect themselves from civil or criminal penalties should they see the need to use force?

Introducing the Use of Force Liability Reduction DVD

In this church security team training DVD, you will discover how to best protect team members and church from potential civil liability and criminal action against them.

Face it, even police officers aren’t free from the penalties of the law if their actions are deemed unreasonable. Yet, they make mistakes everyday, and they are prosecuted for their actions, even when they were right.

It is critical your team members understand their standing before the law. How they interact with people is crucial to the success or failure of your church’s mission. The misapplication of force by an overzealous team member can substantially increase church liability, but the inaction by a team member who doesn’t understand their rights under the law can result in someone being harmed.

The 50 minute DVD is in Powerpoint presentation format and is taught by Police Use of Force Instructor Glen Evans. In the presentation Glen explains the difference between your church security team member and a police officer. Understanding the differences in roles is critical to correct applications of force in your church setting, and protects your members from civil and criminal liability.

Here is what your team will learn:

How the security role is different from law enforcement.

The penalties a police officer faces vs. a civilian when using force.

The Reasonableness Standard and how it applies to your security role.

What a police officer is allowed to do vs. what a civilian is allowed to do.

The Use of Force Continuum

How the Use of Force Continuum should be applied to the church security team.

When should a church security team use force?

The use of weapons in the church security setting and when to use them.

Whether a team member should ever restrain someone with handcuffs.

How to reduce liability in three easy steps.

What to say to a police officer after a use of force incident.

Whether you should seek the advice of an attorney.

Why documenting your training efforts is vital.

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