Church Security Basics Ebook

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Church Security Basics E-Book – the comprehensive guide for planning, assessing, and improving church security.

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Receive $20 Off Church Security Basics E-Book – the comprehensive guide for planning, assessing, and improving church security.

“Your Church Security Basics book has been a great help. I’m not sure our presentation to Pastor would have been as effective without it. My partner is impressed with it too, and is ordering his own copy, so he doesn’t have to swipe mine.”
Steve Rains

Do recent events have you concerned about your church’s security plan or lack of a plan? Have you been considering developing a church security ministry in your church, but you do not really know where to start?

When a church is confronted by the evils of child abuse, robbery, domestic violence, stalking, and church shootings, it is natural to ask many questions, but primarily, “What is our responsibility to provide a safe environment for our members?”

Has your church examined it’s liability If you have not done due diligence? What is at stake if background checks are not done, a child is abused, or the unimaginable violent event happens in your church? The importance of having your church’s policy and procedures in place BEFORE an incident happens is extremely critical. Knowing who is going to handle each responsibility, how it is going to be done, and documenting exactly how it was handled is expected in our litigious society.

How does your church assess threats? How would your fellowship respond to a bomb threat? How can your security and safety team care for the member or guest with an appropriate medical response? What if a tornado occurs during a worship service? How should the team respond? Or worse, what if a church shooting occurs, do you have a plan in place?

Failing to have a plan in place can be disastrous for your church. Contingency planning, training, and documentation are essential for reducing church liability and really protecting your congregation.

Here is the information you need to start a Volunteer Church Security Ministry. Stages of team development, risk analysis, setting up a team, choosing team members, talking to church management, policies and procedures.

Topics in this guide include:

Understanding the Reason Your Church Needs a Security Team

Why Should Churches Start a Safety or Security Team?

Planning for A Safety/Security Team

Church Risk Assessment: Where will you get Hurt the Most?

What Type and Size of Security Team Does Your Church Need?

Building a Church Security Team to fit the Church Size and Needs

What Can Your Church Security Team Legally Do?

Team Selection – Who Should You Choose

Using Off Duty Police or Volunteers for Church Security?

The Importance of Criminal Background Checks

Do You Have an Emergency Church Crisis Management Plan?

Working With Local Law Enforcement

Notify the Local Law Enforcement Agency about Your Team

Use of Force Continuum’s – Introduction and Chart

Protecting the Church Offering – The Risks

Protecting the Church Offering – Procedures

Dealing with Unruly People

Seven Things Never to Say to Anyone, and Why

Bomb Threats or suspicious Packages


Security for the Children’s Ministry

The Church First Aid Kit

Understanding AED Basics

Another Church Shooting? Should We Arm Ourselves?

Church Security Teams and Carrying Sidearms.

Should the Entire Team be Armed?

Use of Force Policy (check local laws)

Use of Force – Physical Contact

Use of Force – Impact or Chemical Defensive Weapons

Use of Force – Deadly Force Weapons/Firearms

Four Self Defense Moves For A Close Quarter Attack

The Expanding Baton

OC Spray

The Taser

Team Response to the Active Shooter

Single Person Response To The Active Shooter

The Need for Intelligence Gathering by Church Security Teams

A Review of the Knoxville, TN Church Shooting

California Church Shooting – Critical Incident Review

Church Building Security

The Guardian Call –The Story of Church Protectors

Bomb Threat Information Sheet

Hate or Anti-Religious Groups – Menacing Person or Weapons Threat Sheet

Sample Security Team Application

Sample Incident Report Sheet

Incident Report Log

Risk Assessment Form

The Church Security Ministry is such a vital part of our church ministry. People come to hear the wonderful message of Jesus Christ…it needs to be in a safe place.

The Church Security Team provides the church family the freedom to focus on ministry while they keep the environment safe and protected. It is a new day in church life and the security and safety ministry is a must!

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