May 18, 2015 – Harvey, IL – A man who robbed a Dollar Store fled from the scene and entered a church hall.

According to ABC News, “It all began at the Family Dollar Store at 159th and Halsted around 2:30 p.m. Sunday when an armed man walked inside.

A witness followed him outside and told police which way he had gone.

Police chased Wade about a block to the parking lot of the church hall across the street from Harvey’s St. John the Baptist Church. The armed man allegedly ran inside to stash some of his stolen cash in the bathroom. Witnesses said he quickly ran back out and that was when a shootout with police began.”

According to a witness, “Officers tell him to put down the gun, he shoots at the officers, the officer fires back,” Kilpatrick said. “He takes off running, jumps into police car, they’re fighting in there, shots are fired and jumps out, he’s still fighting with the cops, put his gun in his hand and then he was shot.”

Wade was killed instantly when he was shot in the head by a Harvey police officer.

During the shootout, the church hall was full of families celebrating a church anniversary. Because music was playing, many never heard the gunshots just outside the hall door.

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