Strange things happen at churches by people who aren’t affiliated with the church.  Suicides, robberies, and drug deals have all happened on church grounds and they center upon suspicious vehicles.

Do you approach suspicious vehicles in your church parking lot or contact law enforcement to make the contact?  If you approach, what would you do if you looked in and saw an armed person wanting to commit suicide?  Many people don’t consider this scenario.

In Hastings, MI (115 miles from Detroit) a man parked in a church lot was wanted by the police for felony warrants.  When police received a tip he may be in a church parking lot, they went to the Thornapple Valley Church and found the suspect in his car.  When the man exited the car, he was armed with a gun.

The officer ordered him to drop his weapon, but he refused, so he was shot and wounded.  The gun ended up being an airsoft gun.  The local prosecutor reviewed the case and determined the officer acted reasonably in shooting the man due to the threat he posed.



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