Mark Lamparello, a former Boston College student, and professor of philosophy at was an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University and part-time professor at Lehman College. He is no longer with Seton Hall.

A Seton Hall spokeswoman said he started in spring 2018 but is no longer part of the faculty. Lamparello is studying in New York. He was found inside a New Jersey church on the day of the Notre Dame fire. When he was observed, he refused to leave, so the police were called to remove him. He was arrested out of the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, in Newark. According to reports, he refused to leave by throwing himself on the floor and refusing to get up. He advised the police the only way he was leaving was in handcuffs. They obliged him.

Just two days later, Lamparello was observed walking into St. Patrick’s cathedral at about 8:00 PM. He was carrying two gas cans (4 gallons), two bottles of lighter fluid and two lighters. When he was stopped by an usher and told he could not bring those items into the church, he said he was cutting through the church to get to his van which was out of gas.

As he turned, gasoline spilled out of a can and the usher immediately called the police.The police located him and confirmed his van had plenty of gasoline. He is currently under psychiatric examination.

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