This Has Nothing To Do With Church Security, But I Post It With A Little Story To Help Someone.

I personally have friends who have been hit hard by this economy, and many are wondering what they are going to do in this poor job market.  I have been quietly growing a profitable business helping local businesses understand internet marketing. 

If you don’t know anything right now, that’s ok.  I didn’t know a ton when I started either.

My experience with this has been going into local businesses, asking if they want to know more about internet marketing and sitting down and explaining it. When they say yes, I charge a consulting fee, and hand the work off to someone else.  They pay me on a monthly basis to help them with their internet marketing.

Businesses are dying (literally) to know this information because Yellow Pages, radio and TV advertising don’t work anymore.

Mike Koenigs, someone who has taught me a lot about the topic, is helping people start up their own thing for very little overhead (compared to any other business model).  I have bought this program, took action, and watched my bottom line expand considerably – all in a bad economy.  I have done this and it works – very well.
So, if you are searching for extra income or a whole new career, this could be something that can change your life.  It has definitely changed mine for the better.  This is not Amway, MLM, or anything like that.  It is a very in demand business (think radio or TV in the 1920s and 1940s). 

Here is a quick video and a button to click if you are interested.

For some reason, my lips aren’t in sinc with the video, but the audio works well.

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