Gaines Township – Michigan  On January 76 2012 Youth Pastor Marshon Peoples was shot in the head.  Witnesses stated Pastor Peoples was warned by one of the kids attending the event to not allow 8 teen boys into the party because they had been drinking and using marijuana.

When Pastor Peoples denied them entry and began calling 911, three men drew weapons and began shooting at Peoples.  One of the rounds hit him in the back of the head.

Peoples was struck once, but an estimated 25 rounds were fired during the church event.  At least 150 people were inside.  Peoples stated later that he knew he had been hit, and was conscious and aware of his surroundings.  However, he felt he was going into shock and could not speak.

Pastor Peoples was transported to a local hospital, treated for his injury and released three days later.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Department asked for help locating Jawon Markeyz Martin, 16.

Later Friday night, it was reported that Martin had turned himself in to police at the Kent County Jail.

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