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Just after noon today a local pastor was shot and killed today at St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church, 3302 Nancy Ave., in Dayton. It was not a random shooting by a displaced church member or Christian hater. The shooter was the pastor’s younger brother. The incident has been described by Dayton police as a domestic violence incident. The threat came from the church familty itelf.


  • Witnesses say the shooting happened inside the church
  • The victim has been identified as William Schooler, 70, of Dayton
  • The suspect has been identified as Daniel Schooler, 68, of Dayton
  • Daniel Schooler was taken into custody at the church
  • The suspect has history of mental illness and violence, according to court, police records.

Does your pastor understand the need to advise the security team if there are personal relationships with problems?

Are there any issues that have occurred while doing marital or family consulting?

Do any staff members have issues with church members, other staff members or others in the community?


It seems that the shooter is this case was known for having emotional  issues. I am not sure if there was a safety teams in place but the shooter only went after his brother in this case. It could have need much worse.


UPDATE @ 7:40 p.m.:

The city of Dayton issued a press release tonight regarding the shooting, which follows:

Dayton Police Homicide Detectives are investigating a fatal shooting that happened inside an office at St. Peters Missionary Baptist Church, 3302 Nancy Avenue. The incident happened Sunday, February 28, 2016 around 12:20pm.

Results of the initial investigation reveal that Daniel Schooler, 68 allegedly shot and killed his brother and pastor of the church, William Schooler, 70. Pastor Schooler was in a private office when he was shot. He was not at the pulpit as is being reported by some media outlets. This was not a random act of violence. No one else was injured and there were no other intended victims.

Daniel Schooler was arrested without incident at the scene by Dayton Police and taken to the Montgomery County jail. Detectives plan to meet with Montgomery County prosecutors in the coming days to discuss formal charges.


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