On February 25, 2018, seeing a man in need, a local SC pastor stepped outside to help what appeared to be a stranded motorist changing a tire, but quickly found out he was trying to help a strong arm robber.  As the pastor approached the man, he was grabbed, thrown to the ground and the man attempted to steal his wallet.

The robber was interrupted when parishioners yelled at him and chased him away.

According to WBCD

“The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a man robbed and assaulted a local church pastor.

The victim and witness were able to positively identified the suspect as Hector Gibbs, Jr., of Charleston.

According to jail records, he’s charged with attempted strong arm robbery and assault.

Authorities say the incident happened on Sunday, February 25 at Saint Mary’s holiness Church on North Highway 52.

The church’s pastor told investigators that said he went outside of the church to help a stranded motorist, later identified as Gibbs, change a tire. He said that Gibbs grabbed him and threw him to the ground and then attempted to steal his wallet.

Witnessing the assault, several parishioners rushed to the aid of the victim pastor and that’s when Gibbs tried to catch a ride to get away.

St. Stephens police located and detained Gibbs.

He’s currently being held at the Hill Finklea Detention Center pending a bond hearing.”

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