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This past Sunday a man walked into a Catholic church in Ogden, Utah and shot his father-in-law.  The man fled and was chased by a few members from the parish, who gave police a direction of travel on the fleeing suspect.

Policed released the 911 call tape today to reporters.

I have uploaded the first ten minutes of the calls and I have provided a link to the original page where I obtained it.

The reaction of all involved is interesting to note.  Everyone deals with this type of stress in different ways, but one notable thing is the number of calls flooding into the 911 dispatch center and the various descriptions of what was happening.

One reported a shot was fired but nobody was hurt.  Another gave a great description and the name of the suspect.

I found the recording somewhat difficult to listen to because the victim’s daughter is heard yelling in the background, but it is a great training tool for your team so they can hear the chaos that will result if violence visits your church.

Page Where I Found The 911 Call

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