Paris, France – An Islamic extremist was recently thwarted from committing a terrorist attack against a Paris church when he accidently shot himself.  In need of medical attention, he contacted authorities for help.  When the police arrived, they followed a blood trail to the man’s car, where they found a stash of weapons and a list of potential targets.

The man was on a watch list because of his recent travel to Syria.  The 24 year old Algerian man was a computer science student who had lived in France for several years.

According to a 12 News report, “A search of his apartment in southeastern Paris turned up more weapons including three Kalashnikov assault rifles along with phones and computers that police used to establish that he’d been in communication with someone “who could have been in Syria,” Molins said at a news conference.

This person “explicitly asked him to target a church,” Molins said, declining to answer questions about the investigation into what he termed an imminent attack.”

The suspect is also believed to be responsible for the murder of a French woman, whose body was found in a parked car Sunday morning.

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