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Denver, CO – A ninety-six year old man and his grandson were entering Saint John’s Cathedral at 1350 Washington St. when they were confronted by a man described as a transient.

According to police reports, the man was hiding in the bushes and jumped out at the pair when the approached the church. He began yelling at them and demanding money. He was described as being highly agitated and irate.

The elderly victim tried to explain they were there to visit a gravesite and that they didn’t have any money.

The grandson reportedly attempted to push the man away from his grandfather, but the suspect was able to knock the elderly man over, causing him to strike his head on a brick wall.

The suspect, identifed as John Robison, ran away and was captured a block away after the victims gave a good description. He was taken to jail on a $1500 bond.

The suspect has a lengthy criminal record with many charges of aggressive panhandling.


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