Security is security, no matter where your church may be located.  However, brothers and sisters throughout the world experience violent and deadly attacks on a regular basis in Middle Eastern and African churches. You may have heard 5 churches were targeted in Nigeria on Christmas day with the death toll at 32.

In an apparent attempt to destroy a church in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, terrorists detonated a bomb which failed to destroy the church or the spirit of its’ members.

Suspected terrorists deployed three IEDs against the church, but only one detonated, destroying a fence and three vehicles.  The attackers, numbering 12, set up firing positions outside the church and planned to gun down church members as they attempted to flee.

When the explosion was heard, state security personnel and local citizens rushed to the church expecting to find many injured and dead people, but were surprised to find only one person had been killed.  A policeman guarding outisde was shot by the terrorists, but nobody in the church was injured or killed.

The Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries alerted state security officials of a pending attack and reportedly was working in conjunction with the authorities.  However, the church has been criticized by the government for depending too much on prayer.

According to an eye witness identified as Gabriel. “They were prepared to kill as many people as possible. After dropping the bomb, some of them started firing into the church premises to drive out worshippers while some others were positioned to gun down those who run out of the church.

It would have been devastating, but for God’s intervention. I now believe that God is really with this church.” Gabriel who is not a member of the church said he was just passing by when he heard the explosion and had to hide in a place from where he viewed the incident.

A top security officer in the state was said to have spoken angrily to the church officials on their “prayer, prayer, prayer” attitude to the neglect of important security measures at a meeting with them after the blast.

The government has suspended commercial motorcycle use during the holiday time and has deployed 7000 police officers throughout the state to maintain security.

Pray for our brothers and sisters throughout the world as they experience intense persecution and attack and that God would continue to protect them from harm.

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