Brothers and Sisters,

This is a slight diversion from my normal postings, but I have a very heavy heart this morning in light of the beyond descriptive words incident that happened in Newtown, CT.

I would like to think I am somewhat balanced, but this incident, as all of these mass killings, led me to yell at my car radio as I heard the news, and has brought me to tears several times in the last two days. This slaughter of innocents is beyond my brain’s ability to comprehend.

I CANNOT imagine the absolute terror struck into the hearts of moms and dads, the vision encountered and burned into the very souls of first responders, and the heavy grief and long road each one in this country will now have to travel.

There is a systemic disease, systemic sin, when a country can produce a list of mass killings where hundreds have been slaughtered in public places and our fellow countrymen shrug and say, “What can we do?”

We grieve, donate money, and go back to our lives, hoping this evil violence is never visited upon us, our family or our communities.

This refusal to believe it can happen, to surrender security to technology, and to deny the right of the people to secure their safety in the very places the killers target; knowing the only person who will be armed in these “gun free zones” are the killers, denies the innocent the chance to stop the evil coming against them.

When the best our politicians can put forward is to make more laws that step on our liberties reveals to all of us that they don’t have a clue of what to do. They are attempting to place a band-aid on a wound so deep and aggregious, that only a tourniquet to stem the bleeding and a complete surgical rebuilding of the soul will mend this sickness.

This isn’t a problem any mere person, leader, or body politic can fix. As we believe, God is the answer to our societal ills. He alone can save us from this complete and utter downward spiral, and I urge all of us to pray like we have never prayed before. I do not believe it is overly dramatic to say that an evil Pandora’s box has been unleashed over the past decade, where the only thing that matters to these twisted, sick, entitled selfish killers is the body count and the shock and awe delivered to the world.

Our media obliges these cowards by providing a torrent of attention, desirous of massive viewership and higher ratings, they ask the absolute most ridiculous questions hoping to engender the thought that nothing can be done. They interview children who were involved in the incident as they walked away from the school! Am I the only one who believes this to be an extreme low point?

They report there is no safe place for any of us – they may be right on that one.

The continued glorification will tempt the next one to be even bigger, bolder, sicker.

The two lessons – first, evil exists. Denial is not an option. We in the church preach about evil, know it exists better than anyone, but somehow lose it when it is argued we should fight against it (in both the spirtual and physical world).

We must prepare for it. Second, even the best physical security can be breached, and the best tactical planning can be overcome by those who employ ambush tactics.

The truth in all of these cases is this – the person willing to possibly sacrifice their lives – civilian and police alike – are the ones who stop these cowardly killers. Taking Jesus’ words to the heart that “there is no greater love, then when a man lays down his life for another.” More often it is the civilian.

If one can move, advance and fight back, he has a better chance of overcoming an ambush and even defeating it.

These who stand up against evil and challenge those who want to slaughter us will find the one who does evil is often not prepared for a direct fight and will often end the incident at his own hand.

Our job, as protectors, is to educate, talk about, plan and plan some more. Even when the decision makers roll their eyes, refuse to fund, or won’t even talk about the need to increase security and to plan for the possible ambush, we must provide for our personal safety and that of our family.

Please pray with me that God will have mercy upon our great country. Thank you for the job that you do.


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