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A month or two ago, we announced availability of radios available for use for your church security team that did not require a business band.

We were contacted by a few friends on our email list that were ham radio operators who explained we were in error because the radios were not Part 95 compliant. Unfortunately, the information we received at the time was incorrect, so we had to pull our offer.

The good news is we have located two radios that are fully compliant and do not require a commerical license.

We are pleased to announce that we have found a pair of radios that should meet the needs of most of our security teams. The radios will be programmed for five MURS channels at a full 2 watts of power. This is the maximum power permitted by the FCC. Though these channels were originally reserved for standard business band channels, the FCC has designated that a federal license is no longer required, making these ideal for churches that have a restricted budget. It also removes a tedious licensing process and delays in getting properly set up. The radios are programmed and ready to be used when you receive them. Five channels allow you to assign them to ministries such as Security, Medics, Maintenance, Children’s, Parking, Facilities or Media.

They are built as a very robust unit and are easier to use than the previous units I had been using. The clarity of transmission has also improved. If you have been using Family Service Radio, this will provide a level of quality normally reserved for public use radios. You no longer have to go to the front keypad and scroll through the text panels to choose a channel but simply rotate a selector knob on the top of the radio. The knob will rotate through all programmed channels. This makes contacting different ministries very fast.

We will have two versions available, the OBLTR-8R and the TERMN-8R. The major difference is that the TERMN-8R has a feature that will receive NOAA alerts and play the weather alert to you. This is a feature that would be desirable if you are in an area that is prone to tornados. The alert feature does come in a more expensive unit.  Please note that not every team radio needs this feature, just the team leader or the person that is dispatching officers.

 Though most will not need it these radios can work on Amateur, Commercial and Public Use frequencies.

            •           5 MURS Channels

•           7 NOAA Weather Channels (with Alerts)

•           23 GMRS Channels

•           200 User Channels, 10 Memory Banks

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