Altoona, PA – On Saturday evening at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament parishoners heard a loud noise. Many thought a speaker had blown, but when one parishoner saw smoke, he took out his cellphone and began to take pictures.

While trying to pretend everything was fine, he reportedly was observed the man hand off a firearm to another man who concealed it in a church bulletin.

Police responded to the church and discovered a man had a grazing wound on his hand.

Further investigation revealed the man lawfully possessed the gun. The gun was concealed in the man’s pocket. Apparently the trigger was exposed, the safety was not engaged, and the fabric of the man’s pants caught the trigger, causing the firearm to discharge.

Nobody else was injured. The man was treated at a local hospital and released. His identity was not released.

According to one news report, the man had been charged once before for pulling a gun a relative. He may face charges in this incident.

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