As many of our members can attest, getting a security ministry off the ground is fraught with obstacles, opinions and politics. Part of the reason is because security at church is quite a new concept. Another reason is those who are security and safety minded think quite differently then those who often lead the church.

Our job is to find a happy medium, so that we can move ahead with securing our people when they come to church to worship.

These are the obstacles we face internally, but many have found outside obstacles as well. Sometimes it comes down to insurance. In fact, one of the largest church insurers has called security efforts by non-police officers as vigilantism. I’m sure when a pastor or board hears that it is all he needs to cease all efforts.

Here’s the basic scenario…

You’ve done the research by reading Church Security Basics, downloaded the Church Security Starter Kit, and completed the templates and are ready to choose your team members. The decision has been made to call it a safety team, security team, medical team, eyes and ears team and whether anyone will be allowed to be armed.

Then your admin pastor calls the insurance company and is told the insurance won’t cover an armed security team or any security efforts put forth by your church they deem appropriate.

All the work, toil and time you’ve put into the effort is now in peril because church leadership doesn’t want to shop around for insurance or they don’t want to pay extra premiums for the benefit of having a security team.

What I would like to do is have a free listing or resource of insurance companies for people who want to have a security team, but encounter an unwilling insurance company. In my view it is better to be prepared for this obstacle before hand while you are in the planning stages and have a list of companies willing to insure your church at whatever level your team decides to use.

So, can you help me? Here is what I can use.

If you encountered this problem and how you overcame it.
What insurance company your church uses.
All items will be anonymous and no real names will be used, unless you want it to be.

If you can help me out, you may leave a comment in the comment section or you may send it to me at

Thank you in advance for your time.

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