Midlothian, TX – A fitness trainer setting up for a 5 AM fitness class was killed by an intruder Monday morning.  Police say video cameras captured a suspect inside the church around 3:30 AM wearing black tactical gear with the word POLICE emblazoned on the back.

Police are unsure whether the attack was targeted or random.  The victim, Missy Bevers, posted on her Facebook account that she would be teaching a class at the church the following morning.

Police also speculate she may have walked in on a burglary in progress.  The initial report stated Bevers may have died from blunt force trauma to her head.

Police initially believed the suspect was a man, but have since backed off that claim and say the way she walked may lead them to believe it was a possibily a woman attacker.

A church video camera captured the suspect vandalizing the church at around 3:30 AM.  It is unknown if the suspect was waiting for the victim or what the motive for the attack might have been.


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