On September 27, 2013 in Louisiana, Pastor Ronald Harris was gunned down as he led his congregation in singing.  A church deacon, identified as Woodrow Karey entered the church armed with a shotgun and shot twice at the pastor hitting him in the chest and buttocks.  The crime happened in front of sixty-five people, and was witnessed by men, women and children.

Kary called 911 and admitted to what he had done.  He was arrested and charged with second degree murder.  The investigation revealed Karey had found text messages between the pastor and his wife and he believed they were having an affair.  Karey’s wife stated the pastor had raped her several months before and was controlling her with threats of revealing the affair to her husband. Story here.

A rape accusation was filed with the police department two days before the slaying occurred.

Five years later, the case finally finished up in court with a not guilty finding.  The jury believed the story given by the defendant and his wife that she had been raped and determined he was not guilty of murder.

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