“A man from Bowling Green, Kentucky was arrested by the authorities after he stabbed his own father inside a Christian church while morning services were still ongoing.

Ethan Buckley, 21, was charged with assault, first-degree domestic violence. According to the arrest citation, Buckley allegedly told officers that he was “moved by the message” of the Sunday morning services at the Hillvue Heights Church. This prompted him to stab his father. After his arrest, he revealed to the police he had thoughts of killing his father for a long time. He stabbed him with a pocket knife, targeting his father’s jugular vein, fully intending to deliver a painless death.

Members of the church revealed that the father and son were allegedly from Arkansas and were visiting Kentucky.

When the attack took place at around 9:30 a.m., the congregation members and security workers were quick on their feet and immediately subdued the suspect. Buckley was tackled by an associate pastor and was prevented from inflicting more stab wounds to his father. A witness recounted how he quickly yelled “Knife!” to alert the others in the church after he saw the attack taking place from the church balcony.

Another witness, Brent Duvall, revealed how Buckley was “being very combative” in trying to break free from the hands of the congregation members who were tackling him.

“I thought it was someone going into cardiac arrest or a seizure,” he said.

He also said how the pastors efficiently handled the situation by calmly guiding everyone to leave the building. Fortunately, no injuries to the congregation members were reported.

Bowling Green Police spokesperson, Rick Bessette, asserts that the attack was “an isolated incident between father and son.” However, other citizens including Duvall is convinced that this is just what the world is coming to.

“It’s a lost and fallen world we live in. It shouldn’t surprise us,” Duvall said.”

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