St. Cloud, Florida – On Sunday, March 8, 2015, Ramon Rasado, age 76, allegedly shot his girlfriend inside the Prince of Peace church on Hickory Tree Road.

According to police, Rasado went to the church looking for his girlfriend, Dalia Ayala, age 74.

When he found her, police said he shot her in the head and twice in the back.

According to an unidentified witness, “It’s between a person of the church who had an incident with a gentlemen. She had separated from him and I guess he was obsessed and waiting for her.

The victim was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center in stable condition. The suspect, Rosado, attempted to flee from the shooting scene but was caught by police in a nearby parking lot.

According to news reports, Rosado had a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest and was also taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

It is unknown whether the victim had revealed personal issues to church leadership, such as past domestic violence or threats against her safety. It is important to keep in mind as church leaders the need to keep certain information confidential balanced with the need for safety on your campus.

If there are threats of violence made against a family member who is a member or visitor of the church, it is important to share the information with the safety or security team leader so team members may be alerted to the possible suspect, what he looks like, the car he drives, and specific threats made.

Any immediate threat should be shared with law enforcement, and the victim should be encouraged to contact law enforcment too. Threats alone in many states are grounds for domestic violence for cohabitants and may also be recognized for a menacing charge.

Further, age alone is a poor predictor of violence. While it is rare to see a senior citizen act with such violence, it is well within the realm of possibility. When training, keep in mind the potential threatening person can be of any age and doesn’t always fit with our preconceived notions of who may perpetrate such crimes.

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